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@Mystic Special Edition: Summer Schedule 2016 | Mystic Hobby Games
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@Mystic Special Edition: Summer Schedule 2016


Summer Schedule Begins June 6, 2016

It’s that time of year again, folks! Every Year, on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, Mystic updates our schedule to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our players.

This year, we have added a new Probationary Program for events that have done well in the past but are showing a severe lack of attendance. This will give players time to request changes, inform us of things that don’t work for them, and move past real-life scheduling issues that may be interfering with attendance. This also gives us here at Mystic a chance to change the event times and processes to better fit player needs. As a result, times and days of Probationary Events are subject to change. Changes will be announced when they happen so that everyone is able to keep up to date with what is happening in their favorite game.

This summer, we have decided to keep our daytime hours as open free-play instead of structured events to allow all players to come and enjoy the air conditioning and camaraderie for their Summer Vacations. Some of our previously regular events have been removed as well, due to a lack of interest or attendance.

So, without further ado: Our Summer Schedule!



5pm – Force of Will Casual Play – Free
6pm – Pathfinder Society – Free


6pm – Weiß Schwarz Casual Play – Free


6pm – Pokemon League – Free (with occasional Paid Events)
6pm – D&D Adventurer’s League “Expeditions” (Long Campaign) – Free


6pm – Luck & Logic Casual Play – Free (Begins July 1, 2016)
6pm – Yu-Gi-Oh! Traditional – $2


6:30pm – Friday Night Magic – $5 Standard
7pm – Weiß Schwarz Competitive, English Only – $6
6pm – D&D Adventurer’s League “Encounters” (Short Campaigns) – Free


1pm – Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced – $5
2pm – Star Wars X-Wing – $2
3:30pm – Cardfight!! Vanguard Casual – Free (On Probation: If attendance does not pick up, it will be cancelled this fall)
6:30pm – Magic Draft – $15
7pm – Force of Will Constructed – $5


6:30pm – Force of Will Draft – $16

Canceled Events

D&D Attack Wing
Star Trek Attack Wing
Ladies Night