@Mystic for June 6, 2016



Saturday, June 25: Force of Will – Battle for Attoractia Pre-Release @7pm – $20
Tuesday, June 28: Weiß Schwarz – Disgaea 2-Pack @6pm – $15
Wednesday, June 29: Pokemon League Challenge – Registration starts @5:30pm – $5
Saturday, July 16: Magic: The Gathering – Eldritch Moon Prerelease @12:00pm – $26 (Pre-Registration opens June 20)
Saturday, July 16: Magic: The Gathering – Eldritch Moon Prerelease @6:00pm – $26 (Pre-Registration opens June 20)
Sunday, July 17: Magic: The Gathering – Eldritch Moon Prerelease @12:00am – $26 (Pre-Registration opens June 20)
Saturday, July 23: Pokemon – Steam Siege Prerelease – Registration starts @2:00pm – $25 (Pre-Registration opens June 27)

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Luck & Logic

Bushiroad’s new TCG, Luck & Logic is premiering in the US on June 24!
Pre-Orders are available in-store now.

Event Pricing Changes

Some of our special event prices will be changing due to changing product costs.
•Weiß Schwarz 2-pack events for main booster sets will be going to $15
•Magic Pre-Releases are now $26 per WotC’s Recommendations.

Summer Schedule

Our Summer Schedule begins on June 6th!  Check out all the juicy details HERE!


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