@Mystic for June 20, 2017


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Unrivaled Nevermore Satellite Qualifier

This Thurdsay @ 6pm
Entry Fee: FREE

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Unrivaled King of Tokyo Satellite Qualifier

This Sunday @ 3pm
Entry Fee: FREE

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YGO – Starter Deck Link Strike
Pre-Order until July 13 – Product Releases July 21
$8.99 (+tax)
(reg 9.99+tax)

Event Changes

We have rescheduled out Unrivaled Tournament Series qualifiers to accommodate more players and to better serve the needs of those who wish to participate. Unrivaled has also announced a major change to Qualifiers: First Place automatically receives an invitation to the Las Vegas Grand Final. Regionals for our area have been announced to take place in Denver, Colorado. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Pre Register at https://tinyurl.com/MysticOomba

  • Effective Immediately: The last Friday Night Magic of each month will now be a $15 Draft. This is a pilot program that we will be testing out for the summer. If we see a good response, it may become permanent.
  • Effective June 10: Our YuGiOh Advanced Tournaments will be returning to a 1pm Sign up, 1:30 Start on Saturdays to accommodate the size and length of the event and to better accommodate our other events.


On Saturday and Sunday, we had our Force of Will Echoes of the New World Pre-release. We had a great turnout both days and would like to thank everyone for coming.

Pre-Sales Ending This Week

WS – Bang Dream Booster Box
Pre-Order until June 17 (Saturday)
Product Releases June 23
$63.99 (+tax)
(reg 79.80+tax)

Thursday, June 22: Unrivaled Nevermore Satellite Qualifier – 6p Check-In, 6:30p start – Free
Saturday, June 24: Magic – Amonkhet Standard Showdown – Standard – 6:30p registration, 7p start – $5
Sunday, June 25: Unrivaled King of Tokyo Satellite Qualifier – 3p Check-In, 3:30p start – Free
Wednesday, June 28: Pokemon – League Cup – Standard – 5p sign-in, 6:30p Start – $5