@Mystic for July 25, 2016



Saturday, July 30: YuGiOh – The Dark Illusion Sneak – On-Site Registration Starts @1:00pm – $20 (Pre-Registration open now)
Wednesday, August 3: Pokemon – Steam Siege Release – On-Site Registration Starts @5:00pm, Play @6pm – $25

TCG Supplies Sale

Have you been drooling over our premium TCG supplies? Craving a 12-pocket binder or a Leatherette Deck Box? Eyeballing those Sleeves with your Waifu on them? Well, now’s your chance to indulge with a little less screaming from old Abe!
July 22nd through July 31st, we will be doing 20% off all of the following TCG Supplies:

Artwork Playmats
Printed Sleeves
Deckboxes with Art or Characters
Premium Binders and Boxes from BCW and Ultra Pro

Supplies are limited to what’s in stock, and the sale is only valid in-store,
so hurry in and take advantage of this opportunity to customize your game experience!

Luck & Logic

Bushiroad’s new TCG, Luck & Logic is available now.
Join us Thursday Nights at 6pm to learn how to play!

Event Pricing Changes

Some of our special event prices will be changing due to changing product costs.
•Weiß Schwarz 2-pack events for main booster sets will be going to $15
•Magic Pre-Releases are now $26 per WotC’s Recommendations.

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Summer Schedule

Our Summer Schedule began on June 6th! Check out all the juicy details HERE!


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