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@Mystic for August 1, 2017

Dragonball Super Tournament

August 17, 2017
6p Sign-Up, 6:30p Start




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Thursday, August 3, 2017 – 6-10pm

Saturday, August 5, 2017 – 6:30pm

Dragoborne Learn to Play



D&D – Tomb of Annihilation
Pre-Order until September 1 – Product Releases September 8
$39.95 (+tax)
(reg 49.95+tax)

FoW – Ancient Nights Booster Box
Pre-Order until September 1 – Product Releases September 8
$99.99 (+tax)
(reg 143.64+tax)

Event Changes

Due to a lack of Interest, Pathfinder Society has been canceled.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  We plan to revisit this event after Labor Day.


We would like to congratulate all our Unrivaled winners on Qualifying for Vegas.

Still want to represent Mystic at the Vegas Grand Final and have a chance to win part of the $250,000 pot?  Last-Minute Qualifiers are being held at regional events nationwide.  Visit www.unrivaled.com/register for Regional Dates, Times, and Locations!


On Saturday we hosted the YuGiOh Sneak Peek for Code of the Duelist.  We saw some fun pulls and surprised some people with our random playmat handouts.  It was a lot of fun and we’d like to thank everyone who made it out!

Pre-Sales Ending This Week

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Thursday, August 3: Magic – Hour of Devastation League – 6:30p – 10p – $15 one-time entry
Saturday, August 5: Magic – Game Day Hour of Devastation – 6:30p Sign-up, 7p start – $5
Tuesday, August 8: Dragoborne – Learn to Play – 6p-10p – Free
Thursday, August 10: Magic – Hour of Devastation League Tournament – 6:30p Sign-Up, 7p Start – League Participants only
Saturday, August 12: Magic – Standard Showdown Hour of Devastation – 6:30p Sign-up, 7p Start – $5
Wednesday, August 16: Pokemon – Burning Shadows League Cup – 3p-4p Registraion, 4:30p Start – Standard – $5 – Decklists Required
Thursday, August 17: Dragonball Super – Tournament – Constructed – 6p Sign-Up, 6:30 Start – $6
Saturday, August 19: Magic – Standard Showdown Hour of Devastation – 6:30p Sign-up, 7p Start – $5
Tuesday, August 22: Dragoborne – Trial Deck Tournament – 6p Sign-up, 6:30p Start – $6
Saturday, August 26: Magic – Standard Showdown Hour of Devastation – 6:30p Sign-up, 7p Start – $5
Thursday, August 31: Dragonball Super – Tournament – Constructed – 6p Sign-Up, 6:30p Start – $6


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