Halloween Costume Policy

Here at Mystic Hobby Games, we LOVE Halloween. However, for the purpose of safety and fair play, we have a few basic rules we ask that everyone follow:

  • October 31st is an Exception to Our Normal Policies.
    Halloween Day is the only time we allow costumes in-store!
  • No Costumes During Paid Card Game Events.
    We don’t want anyone accused of cheating because of their costume.
  • No Masks.
    Face-Paint is fine. We love seeing our customers’ smiling faces.
  • Keep Costumes Simple.
    We are a small store and don’t want people or their costumes being damaged.
  • Please Be Considerate.
    We ask that you not wear a costume to our store that makes fun of a social/racial group or that shows more skin than you normally would.

Thank you for playing and have a safe Halloween!