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September | 2015 | Mystic Hobby Games

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D&D Attack Wing for 9/26/2015 Postponed

This week’s D&D Attack Wing event has been postponed until 10/31/2015 to allow for WizKids’ unusual release schedule. We want to have the kit available at the event instead of after.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Battle for Zendikar FAQ

UPDATE: Full art lands in fat packs have been confirmed, quantities have not.


Battle for Zendikar

Q: What is Zendikar Expeditions?

A: Zendikar Expeditions is a small group of foil cards printed in Battle for Zendikar that are only legal in the sets that the original prints of the cards are legal. They have a different set symbol and a slightly different art style.

Q: Will there be full art lands?

A: Yes. There will will be full art Basic lands and extended art non-basic lands.

Q: Will there be fetch lands?

A.: Yes, however the only ones confirmed/spoiled so far are for for Zendikar Expeditions.

Q: I saw new dual lands in both the normal print of Battle for Zendikar and the special print of Battle for Zendikar: Zendikar Expeditions. Whats with that?

A: In this case the original printing of these lands and the reprint are the same set., so both artwork types will be legal in standard.

Q: Have they spoiled the full set for Battle for Zendikar yet?

A: They have spoiled the artwork for the full set but not what all the cards do yet. (8/31/15)

Q: Will the Battle for Zendikar Fat Pack have full art basic land packs or normal sized art basic land packs?

A: There is no Offical announcement on this yet. (8/31/2015)

Q: How many sets will we have of the new Zendikar?

A: Two. Three set blocks are a thing of the past now.

Q: If full art basic lands are being reprinted what else is coming back from the old Zendikar sets?

A: Many of your old favorite Eldrazi and Planeswalkers will be back but with new abilities as well as some old creature types like allies. We will also see a return of Landfall mechanic.

Q: If Landfall has returned, will we get any new mechanics as well, and if so what are they?

A: Yes. here they are with basic descriptions:
Awaken: Makes lands into creatures and powers them up.
Rally: Allies come into play and trigger an “until end of turn effect” for all allies!
Converge: The more colors spent to cast a converge spell, the more it does.
Ingest: Eldrazi eat cards off the top of your library into exile.
Processor: This is a creature type that if the creature has it as one of its types, it can manipulate cards your enemy has exiled so far this game. For you old magic players, think a new type of flagbearer.
Scion: The old Eldrazi spawn, only instead of 0/1 they are 1/1. Everything else is the same.
Devoid: This card is colorless, even if it costs colored mana.

Q: I’ve seen other websites say things that contradict what you have here. How do I know this is all accurate?

A: Everything in this FAQ is from the Wizards of the Coast official website. If it does not come from a magic.wizards.com address its not official yet.

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Current as of 8/31/2015